SUGARDOLLBYNN – founded by Nabilah Nazib in 2016 to solve her own worrying post-partum hair fall when she stumbled upon the end of the road after one disappointment to another when she could not find an ideal solution for her problem. She then embarked on her journey as a womanpreneur to help curb hair-fall; a common issue among women in Malaysia. With this in mind combines with the urge to find the best solution and passion for hair, Sugardoll reaches out to the best manufacturing and R&D team which led to the birth of Sugardoll’s first product – “Hair and Skin Supplement and Intensive Hair Tonic”.


At the get-go, Sugardoll kick-started as a home-based business and leveraging on a digital platform primarily on social media. At that point, Sugardoll was a brand alien to many with zero followers and a weak market presence. Grow with an aspiration, dream, and trust in her brand which will be able to trademark the brand and be widely known worldwide eventually.


Committed to providing the best quality of product with a passion and desire as that was all she could to offer due to the limited of sources to market and expand the business. Knowing the best marketing strategy is word-of-mouth. Taking care of every relationship with customers throughout the business process, move the brand on its level until now.


Today – Sugardoll has a total hair care solution ranging from shampoo, conditioner, serum, hair and skin vitamin and hair tonic. Each of the products has its respective unique selling point and has helped Sugardoll wins the heart of our customer.