Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why cant I purchase it separately ?

Before we came out with the idea to make it in a set, the founder herself been trying so many different tonic, shampoo and many more treatment that focus only on the external part. Which is the scalp. The key to generate back the hair growth is by consuming and practice a healthy diet and food intake which she personally fail to do so on her daily basis. Plus living in a country that is well known as food paradise isn’t helping too. So preparing the products in a set means that the vitamin will support you from the inside by providing the nutrients and the tonic will help to double the support from the outside.

2. How long will I see the result ?

Our vitamins are very natural and it will be vary to your hair issues and how long you’ve been experiencing it. The earliest feedback received at our end was 14days to see amazing changes and improvement in less hair-fall seen.

Overall, we would appreciate if you can stay positive and continue the journey with us for at least 3box or 3 consistent months. However feel free to contact us for further consult.

3. How do we consume it ?

2tablets per day . Either 1 at morning and 1 at night.  Or alternatively you can consume 2 straight away. Tonic for can be used after shower or as indicate at the back of products.

4. Do we have to use the full set of Sugardoll ?

Depending on your hair issue. For severe hairfall we will suggest to use our vitamin and tonic set. You may combine with other brand shampoo too. However, if you have oily scalp or have been using products that contain paraben and silicon for washing it is advisable to take the full set as our shampoo set is free from paraben and silicon . it also helps detoxifying your scalp with Bamboo Charcoal Extract. Thus full combination and use of our product range will help for best result.

5. Can we use the shampoo and tonic everyday?

It is advisable to use the shampoo 2 days once or every alternate day as frequent wash will not give the chance for your scalp to generate the natural oil (sebum oil). Use the tonic is best to apply during damp hair right after washing it. So similar as shampoo 2 days once is enough. However, as our tonic is waterbase using it on daily basis wont cause oily scalp or blockage.

6. Can I purchase any product separately?

Unfortunately as off now, we didn’t sell anything individually . 

7. I have a severe hairfall , can I just purchase the shampoo ?

To be honest, we want you to purchase what works for you. Though in our shampoo contains the same ingredients in our tonic, but the concentration is differ with lighter concentration. If you really wish to treat your hairfall , the best suggestion is to start with our vitamin and tonic set.

8. Why cant I purchase the tonic alone?

Be honest with yourself, how many tonic ONLY that you have tried and none works. Coming back to our products, the combination of vitamin will help you from the within while tonic will help you from the outside.

9. What is the benefit of the Vitamins?

Do check on our vitamin ingredients as benefit if each ingreidnets have been elaborated there

10. Is this products safe to be consumed by pregnant mommy and breastfeeding mommy ?

The ingredients are safe to consume while breastfeeding or pregnant. We even contains folic acid and omega 3. However, best for pregnant mom above 5 months pregnancy or 3rdtrimester. Please consult your doctor if you are not sure or need further confirmation.

11. Is the shampoo safe for kids too?

The ingredients are safe for all age , but as it is not formulated for kids . please avoid eye contact.

12. Is there any restriction of other diet if we want to consume the vitamin?

If you are drinking caffeine, alcohol or smoking the effectiveness will be slower than others. Please contact us for further guide.