Alternatively, a slightly quicker method is to browse to the location with the backup, right-click the file and select Merge. The file will be automatically imported to your registry. You also need to know how to restore the registry so you are ready if anything goes wrong. In the dialogue box, enter a name for the backup file (for example “rgbkp2018”), select the location where you want to save it and click Save. When the time comes to fix registry errors, it is important to know what you are doing. The downside is that every program on your computer can dump whatever it wants into the registry. And since it’s a database, the risk of corruption and empty space always lingers.

  • For each Key, you can create six different values, and those values depend entirely upon the target program and/or the configuration requirements.
  • If you still get an error message, try reinstalling DirectX completely or troubleshoot for hardware-related DLL issues.
  • Windows Security Center has been renamed to Windows Action Center , which encompasses both security and maintenance of the computer.

With the help of the application you can easily find all the modifications in the Registry performed by each program. Furthermore, you can rollback these changes and even clean up buggy uninstalls.

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If you feel secure in the security of your PC, you can turn the lock screen off altogether. Everyone has at some point had problems with the Photos app in Windows 10.

Just work your way through the list until you find the one that does the trick for you. Then something is very wrong with your windows install 😶. Click the checkbox next to Hide all Microsoft services.

  • SolarWinds’ Config Generator is a free tool, which puts you in charge of controlling changes to network routers and other SNMP devices.
  • LOcation of ScanPST.exe tool depends on the Outlook version.
  • Once the import dialog appears, you can select the registry file you want to restore and then Click Open.

Once you have successfully run the Troubleshooter, you should restart your computer and try downloading and installing Windows Updates once it boots up to see whether or not the issue still persists. Audio and MIDI devices require drivers to communicate with Windows 10 machines. Without the driver, your computer may not be able to interact correctly with the device. Some devices are considered class-compliant, meaning they do not require additional driver installation because the computer’s generic driver will work just fine.

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System files are crucial to make sure everything works on your device. There’s a possibility that your system files were corrupted or deleted recently, which causes Windows Update to fail. Sometimes you’ll just get a message telling you to try the update again at a different time. Although we’re largely looking at Windows 10, you’ll find many of the tips and tricks equally applicable to older versions of Windows.