However, this drawing tutorial will help those who want official site to apply what they learn to normal cartoon, comics, and illustrated eyes as well. Another unique feature the game has is the Skit Maker. This allows you to make up your own stories involving the different characters. Your skits can have up to 100 scenes but you can only have up to two characters on the screen each time. To create a scene, first choose the position of the characters on the screen.

She is quite the fanatic for the sky as she loves watching the stars at night. Her passion is drinking so getting her something from that category will help you easily befriend her. Takeshi is such a gamer that he always forgets to do his homework. He resides in School F2 West C and all he does is play games all day. If you want to turn him into your friend, well you better give him something from the “Gaming” category. The 3rd season-themed NPC in Gacha Life, Summer loves the beach.

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It may contain viruses which might cause harm to your device such as steal and damage data from your phone on the background. Most importantly, such kind of 3rd party apk files do not have direct access to the play store that’s why it does not update automatically. So you should check the apk files with virus scanner.

  • Graphics are definitely one of the strong points of the game.
  • Until a few years ago, the division was relatively simple.
  • The internet is a chaotic virtual world which a lot of good and harmful content.

If you follow the tech news, you must have come across multiple YouTube channels that have been pulled down because of inappropriate contents. If you feel that your kid shouldn’t come across a particular channel, you can tweak the settings a bit to block these channels altogether. However, if you’re not sure that the YouTube built-in feature is the ideal safety net for your child, here are a couple of other ways to block videos on YouTube. But most of the blocking methods usually can’t block site-specific content.

Gacha Life Eyes For Your Anime Characters

There have been legitimate concerns that the Gacha Life app, or rather the Gacha community, is overly obsessed with the LGBT+ people. The creators have literally created labels for LGBT+ people. For example, every lady who dresses like a boy is some lesbian lady fetching for ladies. Introducing kids to these sexual orientation ideologies could be devastating. Well, this article will feature a fair Gacha Life app review from which you can make an informed verdict.

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In this case those will be inner parts of the eye as well as a hint of the eyelids . Be sure to start the tutorial in pencil and draw light lines as you will need to erase parts of the head after adding the hair. You can darken your lines later by tracing over them.